IALC JAOS Student Scholarship Award

In cooperation with the Japanese Education agency DEOW and the German language school Collegium Palatinum.

The Collegium Palatinum in Heidelberg is a German language school that was founded in 1958 and celebrates its 60th birthday this year.

Currently the school is hosting a student, Koki Kamijo from Japan, who is one of the winners of the IALC JAOS Student Scholarship Award. Koki got a free 4-weeks scholarship at the Collegium Palatinum that includes a Standard German Course 20 and accommodation in one of the schools modern student apartments. Koki extended his scholarship and booked 4 more weeks so he stays 8 weeks with the Collegium Palatinum in total.

It was football that brought Koki to Germany for the first time: Koki spent 6 months in Mainz playing soccer as an amateur. At that time his dream was to become a professional. Meanwhile he changed his plan and he wants to study football management in Germany after having reached the advanced German level.

Koki has 4 more weeks to go and we wish him good luck and lots of fun with his studies!