This innovative course German online A1 for complete beginners ( A1.1 or A1.2 level) , is available in the format assisted learning with tutor support and ECTS-credits and includes multi-media resources. The tutors are experienced teachers who also hold the individual voice-chats. All language skills such as writing, listening, reading, speaking, will be trained; grammar animations and vocabulary are covered while at the same time valuable study techniques are being developed. Participants can train their German language skills in authentic situations of the every-day life and intercultural background. After successful completion of the course particpants earn 3 credits.

The course German online A1 for complete beginners includes:

  • Chat, forum and email-communication
  • Individual study counselling
  • Send-in tasks with individual feedback/correction
  • Moderated chat topics at fixed dates
  • Final paper
  • Certificate of attendance

The course content follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

For potential students who have already some German language knowledge, we offer German online A1.2 and A2. Please complete our free placement test if you are not sure about your German language level.

The course German online A1 for complete beginners is available in the format:assisted learning with tutor support”. The format “self-study” is offered for higher language levels only. There are fixed starting dates, please note the registration deadline for the “assisted learning” module is 17 days before the course start.