The program German and Urban Arts for Young Students: Berlin College is a great program to learn German and at the same time, be creative in the field of Urban Arts and photography. The campus is a green oasis in the famous in-quarter Prenzlauer Berg, in the centre of Berlin. The college has a 16.000 m² park-like campus on trendy Kastanienallee – with fancy clubs, cafes and designer shops just around the corner. The street is nicknamed casting ally because many films and fashion shootings are being done here. The program includes every day activities in the morning and evening with highlights such as the Berlin Wall or Museumsinsel. German courses take place in the afternoon, Berlin sightseeing before and after the courses. The focus is on urban arts and culture with workshops topics like Berlin street art or photography.

German program:
German lectures are designed for young students; classes take place during the afternoons from 3:30 – 7 pm and include 20 lectures per week. The activities, Urban Art and Photography session are being held before and after class.

Guides will accompany the activities and sessions but the please be aware that there is no 24 hour supervision.
Accommodation with half-board:
Accommodation standards are high, half-board included, in student residences, either on campus or within walking distance to the campus.

Book with confidence!
There is a flexible cancellation and refund policy offered in times of Corona/Covid 19:
Cancellation is free of charge if cancelled 4 weeks prior to arrival.
Cancellations less than 4 weeks prior to arrival due to coronavirus: participants can rebook free of charge to a later date and if necessary, also postpone the program to 2023.

If less than 4 weeks prior to course start the school will charge a cancelation fee of € 200.

If less then 2 weeks prior to course start the school will charge a cancelation fee of 30%.

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