We offer General German courses on various levels. The standard course is 20 hours per week. In an intensive course, additional lessons provide the opportunity to further revise and practise. If you want to make rapid progress, we recommend one-to-one lessons.

You can join a course any Monday. Absolute beginners start at specific dates.

Lessons are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Studentin im Einzelunterricht

German one-to-one

The German one-to-one course is the most flexible and intensive…
Student und Studentin im Unterricht

German Standard Course 20

The German standard course covers all aspects of successful language…
Studenten im Deutsch Intensivkurs 25

German Intensive Course 25

This German intensive course covers all aspects of successful…
Kursteilnehmer im Deutsch-Intensivkurs 30

German Intensive Course 30

This German intensive course is suitable for participants who…
Studenten im Deutschkurs am Nachmittag

German Afternoon Course 5

This German course in the afternoon is designed for participants…
Teilnehmerinnen im Abendkurs Deutsch

German Evening Course Elementary

This evening course is designed for participants who speak and…
Studentin und Lehrerin im Abendkurs

German Evening Course Intermediate

This German evening course is designed for learners at an elementary…