The telc German B1 Preparation - evening course trains participants specificly for the telc German B1 examination. Authentic exam materials are being used in small groups and students receive individual advice to prepare for the exam.

Minimum 4 participants.

telc German B1 Preparation - evening or afternoon course

If you want to prepare for the telc German B1 exam, you can choose to attend our evening course or our afternoon course. You can find the schedule of both courses below. Please indicate in our booking which course you would like to attend.

The exam telc Deutsch B1 (also called Zertifikat Deutsch) is the appropriate exam for those who already have a good level of German. The certificate is recognized as proof of sufficient language competence for those applying for German citizenship.

We are an accredited test centre and you can take the telc exam at our school.

For work-related purposes we recommend the certificate telc Deutsch B1+ Beruf.

Please note:

The course is a pure exam preparation course, designed for participants who have completed the B1 level already. The course if offered in the afternoon or in the evening hours, or alternatively as a package with general German in the morning, and exam training in the afternoon or evening.
Participants whose language competence is not yet at the required level for the telc B1 exam, should take general German lessons before booking the telc preparation class. Please check your German language level.