Our exam preparation courses prepare students systematically for the TestDaF and telc exams and are recommended for all candidates who aim to achieve optimal results.

The TestDaF is a German language exam for those who want to study at a German university or who want to work in the academic field. This certificate is recognized by all German universities.

TestDaF preparation courses
Our TestDaF preparation course is intended for participants with appropriate language skills at an advanced level (B2/C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). We also offer online courses to prepare for TestDaF.

telc exams
Standardized telc exams are offered in the entire EU and are being marked centrally. The European telc certificates are renowned worldwide and are recognized by employers in the private and public sector. telc exams can be taken at various levels.

telc preparation courses
These courses systematically prepare participants for the telc exam. In the morning, participants take general German lessons. In the afternoons, participants get specific telc examination training. They work with authentic exams and get individual advice to prepare for the exam.

Unterricht zur Vorbereitung auf telc Deutsch A2

telc German A2 Preparation

In the telc German A2 preparation course, participants take general…
Vorbereitungskurs telc Deutsch B1

telc German B1 Preparation

In the telc German B1 preparation course, participants take general…
Studentin bei der Vorbereitung auf telc Deutsch B2

telc German B2 Preparation

The telc German B2 preparation course consists of two parts.…
Studentin in der Bibliothek

telc German C1 Preparation

The telc German C1 preparation course consists of two parts.…
Kursteilnehmer bei der Vorbereitung auf ihr Studium

telc German B1·B2 for Health Care Professionals Preparation

The telc German B1·B2 for health care professionals preparation…
Studentin bereitet sich vor auf die Prüfung telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin

telc German B2·C1 for Doctors Preparation

The telc German B2·C1 for doctors preparation course is designed…
Teilnehmer des Vorbereitungskurses telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule

telc German C1 for University Preparation

The telc German C1 for university preparation course consists…