Currently we offer German courses online and private lectures online or face-to-face for a reduced rate. Apply here.

Our course programme is online, diverse and flexible. Participants can improve their German with online courses, independent of time and location constraints. The courses cover various needs at all language levels: general German, business German, and academic preparation courses for students who plan to study in Germany. In addition to the language skills, information about the country and culture are also taught.

Teaching formats:

Without teacher, “self-learning”:

Participants work on the course independently and will receive automatic corrections, but no personal feedback on writing and speaking exercises. This learning option is especially cost-effective and participants may start at any time.

Learning with a tutor, “assisted learning with tutor support”

In addition to automatic corrections, participants receive personal feedback on writing and speaking exercises. The tutor provides individual study tips and answers individual questions, and is also responsible for moderating course discussions. Although courses with tutors have fixed start dates, participants will be able to manage their time flexibly and scheduling chat sessions with the tutor. After a course in the  you will receive a certificate.

ECTS*-format, “intensive learning with a tutor”

In selective courses it is possible to earn credits through the European Credit Transfer System. Students benefit from all the advantages of learning with a tutor. This format also offers the option to submit additional tasks to receive a certificate with ECTS points upon successful completion.

Private lectures, one-to-one

Apart from that we offer individual face-to-face courses at the school, or German online one-to-one.

Potential students can contact us: We will be happy to advise potential students.

In cooperation with our partner schools we will offer summer camps for children and teenagers in Berlin, Munich and the Bavarian countryside. The package includes German lessons, full board accommodation, leisure activities and supervision.