TestDaF: German Language Exam For University Studies

The TestDaF is a German language exam for foreigners who want to study at a German institute of higher education. The TestDaF measures advanced language proficiency in an academic context. This test is recognised by all German universities. The TestDaF is the appropriate language test for candidates who:

  • want to pursue university studies in Germany
  • have advanced German language proficiency
  • require certification of their German language skills for scientific projects or in academic professions
  • are Erasmus or Socrates students and want to document their language progress during their stay
  • want to apply for scholarships or research grants


Participants must register themselves online for the exam at the TestDaF-website! Exam fee is € 175: students have to pay directly to the TestDaF-Institute during the application process.


1,000 - 1,200 class hours or very good language proficiency of B2/C1 level, equal to the intermediate or adcvanced level.

Location of Examination: 

The TestDaF is administered by ih Heidelberg - Collegium Palatinum, licensed as an examination centre by the TestDaF-institute.

Preparation Courses:

Ih-Heidelberg - Collegium Palatinum offers TestDaF preparation course. Attendance is highly recommended to all students who wish to pass the exam with the best results possible. Students may choose between classroom or online courses.

Exam Dates 2016:     

Registration deadlines:


Preparation courses :

Feb. 10 18.11.2015-13.01.2016 11.01.-05.02.
April 20 24.02.-23.03.2016 21.03.-15.04.
June 9 14.04.-12.05.2016 09.05.-03.06.
Sep. 20 26.07.-23.08.2016 22.06.-16.09.
Nov. 8 13.09.-11.10.2016 10.10.-04.11.