German Language Test For Business: telc German B2+ Beruf

The telc German B2+ Business exam tests advanced knowledge of work-related German. Candidates are able to use the specific professional language of their own field, as well as that of other less familiar areas.

Location of Examination:

ih Heidelberg - Collegium Palatinum is an authorized telc test center. Exams take place at the school.


Approx. 800 class hours or B2 language proficiency, completion of intermediate level II.

What does the telc Deutsch B1+ Beruf testify? 

At level B2+ participants can express their selves clearly and explicitly and also successfully discuss and negotiate. They can understand texts on both familiar and unfamiliar topics, have a good range of vocabulary, and can produce formal business letters, reports and minutes.

Preparation Courses:

The school offers prep courses for the exam. Attendance is highly recommended to all students who wish to pass a telc Language Test with the best results possible.

Individual exam dates can be arranged against a surcharge.

Duration Upon request
Date Upon request