Online German Course A2

In the online German course A2, learners with basic skills can improve and intensify their German. Assignments and course content meet the beginners’ level II / A2 requirements (pre-requisite: A1 level language proficiency): typical every-day situations with a local or inter-cultural background, grammar-animations, and online resources that promote self-learning:

  • Grammar and vocabulary; target level: A2/2
  • Development of the skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • German society, politics and geography and everyday matters


Course type:
Course duration: Approx. 100 lessons
Course instruction: Online: self-learning or assisted-learning module
Course schedule: 6 months access to course; individual timing
Starting Dates:
Absolute beginners: see specific starting dates


Course levels: A2 level, based on the Common European Framework of Reference
Age group: Min. 17 years
Participants per class:
Culture and leisure program:

Included in the course fee:

Self-learn module:     

Assisted learning with tutor-support:

  • module use for 6 months
  • technical support
  • chat, forum, e-mail
  • note book, dictionary, tips
  • module use for 6 months
  • technical support
  • chat, forum, e-mail
  • study plan, study advising
  • narrated chat, narrated forum
  • virtual classroom
  • 3 months intensive tutoring
  • regular correction of homework


Duration 100 Lessons
Self-Learning Module (+0 €)
Assisted Learning with Tutor-Support (+140 €)