Dedicated teachers

Our expert team consists of qualified teachers with experience in instruction of multicultural classes. All of them hold academic degrees related to foreign language teaching.

We are able to ensure our high standard of quality through continuous training of our teachers and regular inspections by the International House World Organisation.


Our Methodology:

Teaching a Language with Enthusiasm

Our teaching is based on the “Communicative Approach.” This methodology aims to improve your communication skills and build your confidence in speaking. We focus on correct expression and fluency in conversation while also training your writing, reading and listening skills. Through exercises in role-playing and dialogue we provide many opportunities to use the language in class. We choose topics relevant to everyday life and specifically related to the region, allowing you to actively apply your knowledge and to ensure that you will also have fun while learning.

  • Small class size
  • Interactive teaching in twos, in groups, and in group discussions
  • Practise role playing and dialogue using everyday situations
  • Utilise current and authentic teaching materials
  • Train intercultural competence
  • Promote independent  learning